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Pretoria City Guide

Destination Guide to Pretoria

Pretoria is just 35 miles North of Johannesburg but it’s really quite hard these days to see where one city begins and the other...
London City

5 Fantastic Free Attractions In London

If you’re planning a visit to London this summer, you’re bound to be considering your options for things to do, what to see and where to...
Melbourne City Adventures

Weird and Wonderful City Adventures in Melbourne

Looking to explore Australia’s cultural capital with a difference? See another side of the city with our guide to Melbourne’s weird and wonderful adventures....
Antalya City Turkey

Antalya – The city on the Turkish Riviera

The Turkish city of Antalya is a million dollar paradise for junkie travelers and Euopean tourists; it is as popular as Mallorca. Each year,...
Dubai Global Village

Dubai’s Global Village: A Unique Cultural Entertainment Destination

Dubai’s Global Village, the trademark characterizing Dubai’s focus on becoming a regional hub hosting all cultures has opened to the public becoming a major...
The City of Rome

Visit Rome: Never Miss the Eternal City

We start our  trip in beautiful, warm summer weather, of course with our Italian tour guide in front. We choose to take the public...
Visiting Davao

Exploring Davao on a Budget

Davao is among the largest cities in the south of Philippine archipelago and one of the top tourist destinations in the country. This city...

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