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5 Fantastic Free Attractions In London

If you’re planning a visit to London this summer, you’re bound to be considering your options for things to do, what to see and where to go. It can often be a difficult decision finding something to please the whole family and an even more difficult one when there’s only so much money available to be spent, yet days to fill and memories to be made.

It’s no secret that many of London’s top attractions cost a small fortune (as an example, a day ticket to Thorpe Park will set you back at least £49.99), however what about if you’re wanting to visit on a budget? We’re not all made of money and with a whole host of options available for budget-yet-adequate accommodation in the city, it’s often important to spend time looking for things to do which won’t break the bank. As such, we’ve gone one better and below have brought you five fantastic free attractions in London.

  1. Changing Of The Guards

If you’re in London, you absolutely HAVE to go and see the changing of the guards. This takes place at Buckingham Palace (SW1A 1AA) each and every day at 11.30am. It’s an absolute must-see and, whilst not occupying a whole day, will at least fill a morning and offer a whole host of picture taking opportunities.

  1. British Museum (

The British Museum is home to thousands of years of history and is a fantastic full-day attraction for the whole family. From the secrets of Ancient Greece through to the history of Roman Britain, we strongly suggest that you allow a full day to explore everything which the museum has to offer. It’s full of the most amazing historical artefacts and best of all, it’s free entry!

  1. Free Tours Of London (

Why pay a small fortune to head out on a bus or boat tour when you can join one of London’s finest guided walking tours for absolutely nothing? Well, they operate on a ‘pay-what-you-think-it’s-worth’ basis, however you don’t need to buy a ticket or make a donation if you don’t feel it’s worth it. Trust us, though, it is! These are some of London’s very best walking tours allowing you to see many of the cities hidden treasures off the beaten path.

  1. Imperial War Museum (

We all know the history of World War One and World War Two, however experiencing first hand many of the secrets of the wars is something else. Located on Lambeth Road, the Imperial War Museum offers something for everyone and gives you the opportunity to learn all about those whose lives have been affected by war. A must-visit attraction!

  1. Royal Airforce Museum (

At London’s Royal Airforce museum, you’ll have the opportunity to experience first hand over 100 historical aircraft, as well as spending time in an interactive area just for children. It’s fun for the whole family and as well as the usual offerings, you’ll find a whole host of free family events throughout the year. If you love your planes, you have to visit the RAF Museum in our opinion!

At the end of the day, visiting London doesn’t have to break the bank and the above five are just a very small selection of the many free things to do in the city!


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