Dubai Global Village

Dubai’s Global Village: A Unique Cultural Entertainment Destination

Dubai’s Global Village, the trademark characterizing Dubai’s focus on becoming a regional hub hosting all cultures has opened to the public becoming a major point of reference for this year. The opening of the Global Village is accompanied by a six month celebration of all cultures establishing it as the major event in the Middle East. This whole activity targets on bringing people and their cultures together in one location where all traditions shall be unfold and no need for a flight ticket to all these countries shall exist.

If unfamiliar with this Global Village concept, in simple words we are speaking about a six month fair exhibiting more than 65 different and interesting cultures developed worldwide by means of food, art and cultural events. It’s one of the most vital and distinguished tourist events. Global Village started the celebrations on October 5 and is ending on March 1, 2014. Dubai’s Global Village, being established 18 years ago, boasts of providing a unique one stop shop experience for shopping, eating and having a great time.

The six months celebrations will host a series of the most significant cultures worldwide. The Chinese civilisation, The GCC’s Bahrain, Philippines, Germany together with a lot more shall be exhibiting in Dubai.

Global Village is developing the true essence of the words’ meaning since it welcomes tourists and junkie travellers from around the world while locals are coming from 200 and more nations and consider Dubai their home. Different cultural attributes can be seen in this theme park through wall decorations, dedicated areas for events and fests organised providing a glimpse on other cultures’ eating habits, celebration activities and way of living.

Kuwait Pavilion

In period 2012 – 2013 Kuwait Pavilion welcomed about 6 million visitors and over 2500 shops addressing different worldwide cultures. During current period, pavilions from 68 countries are established; this is the largest number ever and an ideal holiday place. Predictions say that this period shall be the best since specialized experts who organized great events in the past, such as London 2012 Olympics and Prince William’s wedding, undertook this project. The park’s theme for this period is called ‘Fantasy Island’ and it hosts 36 different rides and games spread around ‘Coney Island’; Middle East is experiencing such event for the first time, making it an exciting trip destination for everyone.

Each pavilion hosted in the facilities is assigned to one country, except for Malaysia and Singapore who possess to pavilion and Germany, France and UK who are using together a single pavilion. The entrance in each pavilion is characterised by a decoration relevant to the country it hosts. Egypt’s entrance has one pyramid in each side of the entrance, India has a highly decorative fort, Italy hosts a replica of the Coliseum etc.

A village hosting clusters

During the 17th Global Village six month show more than 12.000 dance and cultural events were organized. During this period four daily events shall be organized by each country pavilion showing their traditions and culture. Traditional dances with relevant music are performed by traditionally dressed professionals coming from all parts of the world.

The World Cultural Heritage Stage will host a series of cultural events and concerts that are organized in countries during public or national holidays. Many celebrities, such as Diana Hadda and Omar Obdellat, shall attend the events. Global village program of events can be found in the website and relevant social media.

Attractions for children shall also be available; shows with Moshi Monsters, Disney’s Snow White, Aladdin etc. will be provided twice a day, six days per week during the whole six-month period.

If interested in tasting countries’ traditional food and don’t have the ability to travel around as a junkie traveller you may be, gain a short delicious ‘trip’ to countries’ pavilions and gain an insight onto local tastes and food.  Food from India, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, UAE is available and ready to cover the most demanding customer. More than 27 restaurants can be found in the Global Village, giving you a virtual ticket to the food delicacies of the countries hosted. A breathtaking outside view of the lake combined with various tastes and food will give you an astonishing holiday experience.

More than stage shows and food

Your visiting in Global Village has more to offer than eating and shows. Shopping is highly evaluated and widely offered as well. Retail shops, being more than 200, are close to the main entrance having a magnificent view at the lake. The main idea of the Global Village is incorporated in these shops; artistic handicrafts, traditional dried fruits and special items are available. An exclusive range of clothes is also provided for those cultural shoppers seeking for something special when booking a flight to different countries. This range of products cannot be found anywhere else.

At its 18th Anniversary this six-month show is the biggest ever. 30 Indoor pavilions shall welcome you while 19 outdoor pavilions shall be there as well for you, 170 kiosks are hosted in these pavilions and more than 27 different restaurants shall provide you a unique gastronomic experience.

The whole event can be found in exit 37 of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. If going via public transportation step in number 103 bus taken from Union Station (AED 10 per person). Entrance price is AED 15 per person.

Visit the place and you’ll live a magnificent experience plenty of culture, food and great events.


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