The City of Rome

Visit Rome: Never Miss the Eternal City

We start our  trip in beautiful, warm summer weather, of course with our Italian tour guide in front. We choose to take the public bus and go first to the church of San Giovanni in Laterano. We get explanations about the outside and the inside of the Church and we gratefully are overwhelmed at the end of the overall structure. By bus we go back a little further and decide on our next destination, which will be the church of Santa Maria Maggiore.

We learn of the miracle of the snowfall in the middle of summer. Impressed we leave the square and walk to the Termini Station, just good that we have our wonderful guide always there, otherwise one or another traveller would not know what to do. By a miracle, we managed to all get in the metro carriage, without a big problem. We got off close enough to find a cool and quiet restaurant and it is now time for a lunch break.

Rested and fed with a snack in a nearby cafe, we take the next program point, a tour of St. Peter’s Basilica, at 3 PM. After the common queuing for security, now comes the highlight of the day. Passing the Swiss Guard we go up to enter the front of the sanctuary so we can catch a view of the St. Peter’s Square up to the Tiber. And now that we are all inside, our guide shows us around the charming place and the scenery seizes our souls and hearts and each one of us follows with attention the perfect designs of the Sanctuary.

At the end, we all meet in front of the Cathedral; it was again a brilliant tour. Black clouds and lightning forecast the rain. Just in time, queuing again for inspection on St. Peter’s Basilica.

After return to the hotel we were looking forward to the shower, an espresso or beer. After dinner, we are still broken for Lights Tour in Rome at night . With Maria Theresa as a tour guide we went with our bus and driver Klaus past a pyramid , the famous thermal baths of Rome and of course we have seen St. Peter’s Basilica lit . A fantastic conclusion of today and with many new impressions we leave in the night.

Catacombs And Ostia Antica

This morning, we should go for a little while outside of Rome. The weather gods gave us again a sunny day and a lot of heat. Maria Theresa is today our winsome tour guide, with a lot of heart; she gives us fantastic stories, so we get to the catacombs.

There everyone finds their way out of the labyrinth of the catacombs and after a coffee break in the bus, we continue our journey. After a snack out of the bus with sausage, soup, beer and coffee, is now time for Ostia Antica, the ancient port town, the former granary of Rome, opened up. We spend the evening in Trastevere; it is the liveliest area of this whole bustling city.

Through narrow streets, where people sit outside with wine and good food, we walk to our restaurant La Scala. It will give us a very typical food served and for that we drink the wine, the red one of course. We walk across the district to take the public bus for the return trip to the hotel. Late in the evening, the wonderful experience of our junkie Rome trip will come to an end. Tomorrow morning we start with the bus on the way back up to the lake.

Our Return Trip To Lake Garda

We take on departure from Rome, with us, there are two additional guests travelling back to Germany. Even today, the beautiful weather is on our side, clear view of mountains, Etruscan cities, landscapes; all the reasons to fall in love – just enjoyment, may we experience here on the ride and see.

We crown this experience, because in Affi we leave the highway and drive along the Lake Garda to Riva del Garda. We are all taken in by this lake’s fantastic view – With a photo break and a small flying visit to Riva, we take the last hurdle of our day. A nice hotel, almost in the mountains, waiting for us and a good meal with wine and dessert, we leave this beautiful, the penultimate day of our Rome travel round off the Hotel Alberello.


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