Christmas in Italy

Where to Spend Christmas: Italy’s Winter Wonderlands

Italy is a prime place to visit in the winter if you are looking for a little snow. From low transportation and lodging costs to an astonishing lack of tourists, Italy may even be considered to be more enjoyable during the winter months. Throw in the fact that festivals and celebrations are constantly taking place from November to February and you have yourself the ideal winter destination. Rome is alway beautiful with its Christmas lights, live music in the streets and ice skating rink, but there are several other winter wonderlands in Italy that we are itching to visit.

1. The Dolomites mountain range offers some of the best skiing in Italy as well as nearby culture and Tyrolean pubs. Most of the people you will meet in the surrounding towns will speak German instead of Italian and they have their own style. Snow-shoeing, hiking, climbing and more are also popular activities. When you get cold, head into town for a friendly welcome, a horse and cart ride and something hot to drink.

2.  If you are more comfortable on the beaten (and less icy) path, then head for Turin or “Torino” as it is called in Italian. From Italian automobile museums to film festivals to world renowned art galleries to palaces and theatres and cute coffee shops, Turin has something for just about everyone. The popular little town also gets all decked out for the holidays.

3. If you are looking for a wonderland tucked away from the rest of the world, visit Valle d’Aosta. With a culture that has strong ties to France, Switzerland and Italy, this tiny region of Italy is a site to behold in the winter. Strap on your boots and get ready for an incredible archaeological adventure as the two highest peaks in the Alps are nearby. Their shadows accent the numerous ancient Roman ruins and medieval castles still nestled between the mountainsides.

4. If skiing is your jam, then you will want to check out The Mountains of Lombardy. 360 degrees of skiing for athletes of every caliber, including beginners. The Mountains of Lombardy are also close to the vineyards of Valtellina on the shores of Lake Como. Treat yourself and take some time to learn about the local viticulture and history of ancient roman wine making.


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