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Have You Seen Cuba, Yet?

If there is an island, for junkie travelers, in the Caribbean that is a must-see, it’s Cuba! Cuba offers a unique, in many respects, holiday paradise, with over 4000 islands – including the island chains with the wonderful name of “Gardens of the King”, with stunning white beaches on the coast and historic port cities, especially the world-famous Havana and the spirited Santiago de Cuba. No less than three cities, a fortress, two landscapes and two national parks took on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The greatest experience remains the encounter with the Cubans themselves – life gifted artists and die-hard Patriots!

A Popular Destination!

Cuba has established itself as a top destination in the Caribbean. Well over two million visitors each year and there are all those beautiful beaches and islands for tourism. As the largest country in the Caribbean, Cuba offers an inexhaustible potential for sun-seekers and fun seeking leisure, junkie travelers for unforgettable trip.

Go travelling and discover Cuba! A must-see is of course Havana, the pompous and more urban world than all the other cities in the Caribbean, that is the ” City of Columns ” as the Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier called Havana , today as jewel of the nation.

A Heaven on Earth

Not far away from the metropolis rise gentle mountains, from which springs bubble , orchids bloom beside a waterfall , hiking trails leading through a biosphere reserve with lush flora and fauna. A few kilometers away, guests enjoy the view from the terraces of the hotel overlooking the valley of the Mogotes . Morning fogs, humped limestone mountains; all is a picture of mystical beauty.  And wouldn’t travelers want to see the Vinales Valley, which is considered one of the best tobacco growing areas in the world. It includes apparently the jewel of the world: the Guanahacabibes peninsula with the diving spot María La Gorda. East of Havana beaches are the heart of the capital, the Yumurí Valley and Cuba’s most famous seaside resort of Varadero with its endless beach. In the southeast of Havana there is the largest swamp reserve in the Caribbean, the Cienaga de Zapata , one of canals, lagoons and rivers, animated crocodiles , manatees and birds jungle.

But this is just the beginning, because on a single trip, you cannot even begin to discover everything, even if it spans the largest distances by plane. A beautiful anyway target is reachable only by air: the coral island of Cayo Largo with its ​​dream beach.

Behind Sancti Spiritus, Cuba converts to an endless plain of pastures with scattered royal palms which arched over a tropical sky. In loose distances here are the cities of Ciego de Avila, Camaguey, Las Tunas and Holguin, fun-loving provincial cities that lead away from Havana a life of its own.

Enjoy your trip in the new tourist haven Cayo Santa María or World of Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, to bays and beaches, Flamingo lagoons and mangrove forests to the small port cities and the holiday resorts of Playa Santa Lucia and Guardalavaca .

At the eastern end of Cube lies a wide river plain and the Sierra Maestra, which ascends to the highest peak of the country, to the oldest colonial town Baracoa and Santiago de Cuba, the former capital of the island. The East is the foundation of the country, prepared with a healthy dash of Afro-Cuban temperament. Don’t miss CUBA, If you are a junkie traveler who appreciates the beauty of Caribbean.


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