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Thanks for visiting worlds-tourism.com. If you want to submit a guest post to a travel blog, read on…

I’m always on the lookout for guest content for the site, especially about exotic or unknown or ‘off the beaten track’ kind of places.

Just check out the guidelines below to find out more.

What kind of posts am I after on Worlds-tourism.com? Pretty much anything:

  • Stories about your own personal experiences – have you been somewhere amazing and want to other people about it?
  • Guides to cities that you’ve visited
  • Money saving guides – do you know how to avoid the tourist traps and keep your spending down in a particular place? If so, enlighten us!
  • Lists of things to do in a particular destination – have you done something cool like a jeep safari in Africa or dune buggy racing in Dubai? If so, tell us about it!
  • Food articles – some places are renowned for their dishes, or you may have tasted something unusual and want to describe it?
  • Anything travel related! city guides, top 10s lists, things to do, safety tips, things to avoid – anything!

What’s in it for you?

Unfortunately , I can’t pay you. What I can offer is a link back to your own personal website:

  • I’ll allow up to 2 links , either in the content or an author bio

Some quick rules/guidelines

  • No porn links !
  • No duplicate content – it takes 30 seconds to check, so please don’t waste mine or your own time
  • Content must be in English and make sense
  • Minimum of 500 words (I won’t moan if it’s 497, but try to give your content some substance!)