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  • Nomad Travelers: Some People Are Born Restless

    Nomad Travelers: Some People Are Born Restless

    The society, the culture, the world we live in would make you feel shame for this.  Somehow the intrinsic, uncontrollable need to move is a character flaw, a selfish desire rooted in the longing to run away or live a life of leisure. I challenge that. For those of us who find our truest self…

  • Are You Prepared to Travel Again?

    Before Covid-19 hit our shores, we were used to a life full of travel and exploration. Whether it was weekend vacations to another state with our entire families or two months in a different continent on our own, traveling brought us priceless memories and wonderful experiences. For those of us who have been effectively ‘grounded’…

  • Go Gorilla Trekking: See Gorillas in Uganda

    Go Gorilla Trekking: See Gorillas in Uganda



    When looking for the best destination in the world to track the endangered gorillas, Bwindi impenetrable national park should be among the best destinations that you should not forget to include on your list. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is one of the few national parks in the world where the endangered mountain gorillas can be…

  • 10 Recent Weapon Discoveries That Add To Archaeology

    Weaponry has been with mankind ever since the first human ancestor picked up a rock. Throughout history, it remained one of the most actively developed technologies, flavored by different cultures and times. The study of devices, injuries, and battlefields regularly return missing or unknown pieces to the human story that is archaeology. Ancient weapons can…

  • Black Oystercatcher Wine Farm

    Black Oystercatcher Wine Farm

    There are a host of reasons to stop off at the Black Oystercatcher Wine Farm en route to and from Cape Town. It’s the home of Cape Agulhas cool-climate wines – made from grapes crafted by the region’s unique terroir. It’s a farm steeped in history, with centuries’ old buildings converted into the restaurant and…

  • The Top 10 Motorcycle Routes in South Africa

    The Top 10 Motorcycle Routes in South Africa



    There’s no better way to explore the open road than on the back of a motorcycle. For some, it’s the freedom evoked by the adventure – a certain freshness about there being nothing between you and the tarmac, wind, and nature. Here are 10 of the best day trip motorcycle routes across South Africa –…

  • Conserving Our one-of-a-kind Country

    Conserving Our one-of-a-kind Country



    South Africa has a remarkable wealth of biodiversity, thanks to a stunning array of ecosystems ranging from Big Five bushveld to species-rich deserts, fertile forests, vast grasslands, the unrivalled Cape Floral Kingdom and 2 500 km of coastline. The incredible number of different habitats allows for an immensely rich variety of fauna and flora. We…

  • Get Ready to Pitch Your Tent

    Get Ready to Pitch Your Tent

    South Africa is blessed with hundreds of top-notch campsites in some of the most spectacular settings you can imagine. From the lush forests of Tsitsikamma, to the majestically desolate Kalahari Desert, the soaring peaks of the Drakensberg and the wilds of Kruger, campers enjoy an unmatched connection with their surrounds. As temperatures begin to warm…

  • Twigs with Beans

    At Twigs with Beans, sensational flavours along with some fabulous aroma set the tasting pace in this quaint restaurant situated in the tranquil yet buzzing surroundings of Harfield Village, Claremont, Cape Town. Bespoke Chef, Edward Serfontein, has returned to the breakfast trade and has recently teamed up with restaurateurs Percy and Nyaki Tshabangu. Previously at…

  • Spring Has Sprung at Lorenzo Marx Coffee

    Spring Has Sprung at Lorenzo Marx Coffee



    This Spring, why not take a meander out to Lorenzo Marx Coffee Bar just outside Muizenberg where the spring flowers explode in a variety of colours. This Branch opened in 2012 in the Capricorn Business Park. The stunning view makes for a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy your cup of coffee. You can be assured of…