Single Parent Travel Challenge



There are special challenges facing single parents traveling with children.  The two most noticeable of these are pricing and comfort or fitting in with the married-with-children folks – unless we are talking about camping, car travel or visiting a Disney theme park.   Mingling is not such an issue when in the comfort of your own vehicle or the relaxed setting of a campground.  If you are determined to vacation at a Resort, however, keep in mind that such destinations can be pricey for single parents.    Single supplements are tacked on to the room rate (since most rooms are priced for double occupancy), or it is quite likely that a child will be counted as an adult to meet the double occupancy pricing.  Disney resorts are an exception with their per room per night rates for up to four persons to a room.   Hint: Singles should always look for “per room per night” as opposed to “per person per night” room rates when making vacation plans.

In general, the travel industry has not done much to favor the single parent vacationer.  One would think with the divorce rate as high as it is, that destinations would be more aware of the demographics of the traveling public and would be willing to cater to the singles as well as families.  I’m not sure, but I’d be willing to bet that Mom and the kids or Dad and the kiddos will spend a bundle having fun just like a family with both parents would.  A few resorts have made concessions such as Beaches Resorts with their single parent months, special promotions for single parents at Breezes properties and Franklyn D. Resort, special summer packages in Mexico at Riviera Maya and Riviera Nayarit resorts,  as well as those already mentioned at Disney Resorts.  Another option is to look for single parent tours to find organized trips that are scheduled a few times a year.

If you are the type who does not feel comfy being a single parent mingling with married vacationers, the tours or smaller resorts may be the answer to your comfort woes.  It is often easier to get to know others in the friendlier atmosphere of the not-so-huge resorts.  So, don’t forget your own needs when planning your destination.  A little research will turn up several options for single parents who wish to plan a fun family vacation this summer.


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