Chrchill Wild: Take A Walk On The Wild Side!

There is a certain kind of traveler who can’t be satisfied with a-paint-by-numbers kind of vacation. They long for something extraordinary, something unique, something that will rival their last jaw-dropping, take-your-breath-away moment. From the dense rain forests of Brazil to the untamed outback of Africa, their unquenchable thirst for excitement takes them to the most exotic destinations around the world.

If you are one of the many travellers who crave something more from your vacation, get ready for a spellbinding Artic adventure you’ll spend your whole life trying to beat.

Modelled after the great African Safaris, it’s time to walk with the Polar Bears on a true Arctic Safari! Churchill Wild is the only safari company on the planet specializing in ground level hiking through the polar bear inhabited remote regions of Arctic Canada.

Churchill Wild’s all-inclusive safaris take place on the coast of Hudson Bay. Guests enjoy incredible opportunities for close encounters with polar bears, beluga whales, Aurora Borealis, caribou, wolves and other Arctic wildlife. Specializing in small group adventures, the four Eco-Lodges are accessible only by air and feature exceptional hospitality and accommodations. Exclusive chefs offer the finest Arctic cuisine with most items sourced locally.

Professional biologists, interpreters and bear guides enhance the world’s greatest polar bear viewing experience.

Available from July to November, Churchill Wild is truly the must-do Arctic experience for dedicated wildlife enthusiasts. Take in the majesty of the landscape, unearth the secrets of the heritage, and awaken the spirit of adventure.

Discover the World’s Next Great Safari!™


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