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3 Must Visit Destinations in India

Are you planning to travel to India? Here are the three must visit destinations in India;


India’s largest city is sometimes a mouthful for any western tourist. The city is never quiet, always full and very crowded. Even with this problems, Mumbai still has a lot of interesting sights and sounds that you must see to claim an authentic Indian experience.

For starters, visit the Film City where Bollywood resides. You may be able to see a movie in the process of being shot, or if very lucky, get the chance to appear in one! For more authentic Indian experiences, visit the various markets and sample out interesting souvenirs, trinkets and other aspects of everyday Indian life. The Chor Bazaar Thieves Market, Colaba Causeway and the Crawford markets are a good choice. Alternatively, visit the Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat near Mahalxmi railway station for a glimpse of how thousands of Indian launders earn their living.

For artistic and cultural experiences, visit the Kala Ghoda Art precinct, the Heritage buildings and the Gateway of India all located in the southern part of Mumbai. An interesting place to visit too would be the Haji Ali, a mosque built inside the ocean that is only accessible during the low tide. With Mumbai hotels providing great value, it’s a fantastic place to visit with plenty to see and do.


It would be impossible to talk about memorable Indian monuments without mentioning the romantic Taj Mahal. Situated by the river banks of the Yamuna river, this imposing structure has been the subject of one of the world’s greatest romance stories. It is absolutely a must see for anyone visiting the country.

However, Agra is more than the Taj Mahal, as wonderful as it is. The Agra Fort, for example, has an impressive array of buildings. The pearl white Moti Masjid-a mosque is a beauty to behold, as are the Jehangir’s Palace, the Musamman and the Khaas Mahal. The Taj Mahostav too, is a great place to visit during the festive springtime period. For ten days around February, it becomes home to Agra’s festival of the spring. Other impressive buildings include the Sikandra, Fatehpur Sikri, the Radha Swami Samadhi among others.

Keep your visits during the cooler months of November to February. This will allow you to catch the Spring festival in February and the Bateshwar Fair in the nearby area of Bateshwar during November.


For the hopeless romantic, this has to be on your list! Udaipur combines impressive man-made features against natural scenery for the perfect blend. It has three lakes surrounding the city, which give it a beautiful touch especially in the evenings.

The City Palace Complex is a perfect example of this. This former palace has been converted into a world class hotel, set against the Lake Pichola. It also houses the City Palace Museum as well as a coveted collection of vintage cars. You can explore Lake Pichola further by hiring a boat and visiting the Jag Mandir, a pleasure palace located on the lake. This is all against the backdrop of the Aravali Mountains. If not the Lake Pichola, you can also visit the Fateh Sagar Lake with its peaceful natural mountain setting. Enjoy either lake on a romantic boat ride in the evening as the sun sets.

You can also visit the Monsoon Palace and the Bagore Ki Haveli, impressive structures with rich and luxurious features. Alternatively, you can go spiritual and see the Shri Eklingji Prabhu Temple or the Jagdish Temple right outside the City Palace.

There are many other hotels and havalas that offer a great view of this beautiful city. Ensure that you visit this place at least once and get enchanted.


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