The Royal Palace of Bangkok

7 Great Things to Do in Bangkok

Thailand is one of Southeast Asia’s top destination spots that continue to welcome visitors from around the world. The country’s capital city, Bangkok, is home to many local attractions that are well advertised the world over. Tourists flock to experience Buddhist sacred temples, lavish star-studded hotels, and live drama performances to savory restaurants. If you’re out of ideas on what to in Bangkok, here are some great options to consider. You might discover something entirely new!

Spend a Day at the Temple

Bangkok is home to many sacred temples and heritage sites which continue to be visited daily by locals and tourists alike. Temples are greatly worshipped in Thailand as it acts a center of peace for the Thai people. Residing in temples are abbots and their disciples who perform daily sermons to those wanting to be blessed or bestowed good fortune upon.

However, if your trip isn’t about taking photos of the neo-classical buildings mixed with stunning Thai architecture, guests can opt to be in a presence of an abbot (with a translator at hand). Many foreigners come to temples to seek luck, love, protection, healing and prosperity. This comes in a form of a tattoo, a blessed amulet or a blessed ‘spell’ written on cloth. These amulets are believed to bring forth good fortune.

Get the Holistic Experience

Without a doubt, a lot of people come to Thailand to experience the holistic nature of traditional massages and natural therapies. One of the recommended places to receive an authentic Thai massage is at Wat Pho. This is one of Thailand’s earliest massage schools. At the temple, visitors can get a glimpse of the techniques etched on walls or in old scrolls. The Traditional Medicinal Practitioners Association Center is an open-air hall located outside the temple with master massagers and students waiting to work their charm.

Immerse Yourself in Drama

It’s not Thailand if one has never watched live shows! Bangkok is home to many classical dances that used to be only performed in the inner courts. Many of these performances have evolved over the years, incorporating new elements into their moves without straying from its origins. One of the many famous places to watch Thai classical dance is at Chao Phraya Cultural Center, Supatra Riverhouse, Sala Rim Nam, Aksra Theatre, National Theatre and at Thai Cultural Center.

Get Spoiled

Thailand is home to many name-worthy hotels that resonate: Comfort, luxury and affordability. There are over a thousand or so hotels in Bangkok alone, offering different degrees of comfort to the avid guest. Most, if not all of the top hotels are located close to major transportation routes, shopping malls (Mercure Siam and ibis Siam, for example are both close to MBK), entertainment venues (Novotel Fenix Silom) and other close-by attractions. The hotels in Bangkok strive to provide guests with the ultimate vacation experience with relaxing spa treatment, all day buffets, shuttle service and smiles.

Sport Your Way to the Top

If you’re planning on dishing out some moves in Thailand, what better way than to take part in Thai boxing? Many foreigners who come to Thailand go to Lumpini Stadium or Ratchadamnoen Stadium to meet with boxing coaches and master nasty elbow blows and kicks. The idea, in theory sounds fun and exciting but once you’ve dished out a couple of moves, you’re guaranteed to be breathless after two rounds!

However, if you’d want to sit back and watch the show, you can go to MBK Fight Nights are held every Wednesday. The best part? Admissions are free!

Partying without Borders

If the initial idea was to come to Bangkok and party the night away, well, this is a good chance to do so. Bangkok is the centralized hub for mingling with the locals or chilling out with friends. These entertainment venues comes in all shapes and sizes and can be found at Asoke, Patpong, Kao San Road and Nana districts. These districts are crowded, loud, bright and very much “in your face”. Most of the venues open until roughly 2 AM and only a handful of places open until 4 AM.

Divine Dining

It’s definitely not Bangkok if one hasn’t tried out delicious food being pushed around by hawkers or is ready to be ordered in a fancy restaurant. Everybody loves Thai food simply because of the harmonious flavors that burst in the mouth upon consumption. Roast duck on rice, stir fried seafood, chicken curry, green curry, noodles are just the tip of the iceberg on what Thai food can offer you. Don’t be afraid to try Thai food if you’re curious!


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