Airports Ban Plastic Water Bottles



We have to be increasingly aware that we use too many plastics and that they go directly to our oceans and the larger ones start taking action. San Francisco airport prohibits plastic water bottles from all its stores and vending machines.

In a movement announced for some time, this week the ban on selling plastic bottles of water at the San Francisco International Airport has come into effect, so everyone who wants water will have to use the sources they have placed.

As mentioned, all those who want to hydrate well should use some of the more than 100 sources of cold water were installed at the airport and to “take it ” should go with your own bottle or buy there a glass bottle or aluminum of authorized. In addition to this prohibition of selling bottled water in plastic containers, there has been a list of prohibited materials in food establishments for some time. The goal is to become the first airport with zero waste in 2021.

However, although this will greatly reduce the use of plastic bottles, the ban does not extend to flavored waters or other bottled beverages and will continue to be used on flights. What is going to be done is to sell or provide recyclable aluminum, glass or compostable certified containers in stores. Of course, travelers will have the opportunity to take disposable plastic bottles with them to fill them and there is also a list of brands that are authorized to be sold for not being plastic.

All Spanish airports will have one euro water bottles

If there is something we are always complaining about, and with all the reason in the world, it is the price of the products of the airport cafeterias. It is already known that there are several coffees and drinks made of unicorn blood and that if we neglect it sometimes costs us more than the ticket. Well, that ends because all Spanish airports will have bottles of water at one euro.

It is that as we said, it is the most recurring complaint of the traveler in transit: dying of thirst and having to pay the water at completely abusive prices. Aena has taken note and will force all convenience stores and vending machines to have water bottles at a maximum of one euro.

This requirement appears in the bases of the new contests for the allocation of commercial spaces and is applicable to convenience stores (press, souvenirs, essential items), where there must be 33cl bottles at a maximum euro. For food and beverage vending machine contests, the same requirement exists, but the size will be 50cl.

At the moment it is being applied in 19 locations of seven airports (Madrid, Palma, Bilbao, Tenerife South, Santiago, Vigo, and Girona-Costa Brava). Mind you we say locals and not throughout the airport. There are also in 134 machines at six airports (Tenerife South, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, León, Vitoria, and Salamanca). The new contests force that 50% of the offer in the machine is 50cl bottle at less than one euro.

In June 2015, the ACI (International Airport Council) recommended that airport managers ensure that the supply of water at that maximum price is sufficient. Here also the Ombudsman intervened, who after receiving countless complaints related to commodity prices, reflected in his memory Aena’s commitment to offering a maximum price per bottle of € 1.60. What is now is to go beyond and give happiness to all thirsty people.

And every day more is attending the request of users that there are free water sources, with 193 in the Aena airport network. It must be borne in mind that this not only results in benefits for the passenger’s pocket but is an asset in favor of the environment by limiting plastic containers.


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