Cornwall Dish

Wonderful – Traditional Cornish Food

Cornwall is well known as the land of clotted cream teas, cider and pasties, but there is so much more to discover as you travel around the county and seek out the numerous culinary delights that can be found in the hidden corners of this wonderful place. If you are taking a holiday or short break there is something really special about visiting one of Cornwall’s historic villages and popping in to a local tea room or café to sample their home made delights, many of which are derived from ancient recipes. Many visitors to Cornwall prefer to get the best of both worlds and stay in some of the delightful self catering accommodation that is available, allowing the freedom of eating out somewhere new every day, or cooking your own local produce fresh from the farm and thoroughly enjoying the wonderful Cornwall Food and Drink on offer.

Clotted cream is used not only as a staple part of the delicious cream tea, but locals use it as a sumptuous ingredient in everything from ice cream to fudge, biscuits and confectionary and there are few shops and eateries where it is left off the menu. It has become such a favourite indulgence that it is shipped all over the world.

Cornish pasties are probably the most famous of the savoury delicacies to be found in most local bakeries, shops and cafes. The original recipes are well guarded by the locals and each village has its own special recipe, with secret ingredients of course! Once the staple diet of tin miners, there has been a passion for pasties by visitors and locals alike for hundreds of years. Numerous bakers and chefs have added their own ideas to the mix and pasties are now a far cry from the traditional peppery meat and vegetables once enjoyed. Pasties come in both savoury and sweet options and the list of choices is seemingly endless. There is always something new and delicious to try no matter how many times you visit Cornwall.

Scrumpy cider has long been a much loved tipple for farmers and local villagers. Made from the wonderful fruit that grows in this lush area this traditional beverage has historically been produced to utilise the abundant crops of apples. Real Scrumpy is often brewed by smaller, less commercial companies to produce a rich, cloudy and quite potent alcoholic delight which is something to be sought out and sampled on your visit. Most village pubs will have a selection of sweet or dry ciders on offer.

Cornish Fairings are made to a very old traditional recipe. These substantial sweet and crunchy ginger biscuits which were originally given as a token of love between sweethearts have become a worldwide favourite over the years. Most of the local shops will stock them, and they are now so popular that you will find them in supermarkets countrywide.

The seas around the Cornish coast are very deep and very cold and they are just bursting with an array of fresh fish and shellfish. There are numerous well renowned seafood restaurants throughout the county specialising in every kind of fish dish imaginable. Some of the most world famous chefs have premises around Padstow where visitors can spend a superb evening dining out on fine cuisine and wonderful local wines.


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