Things to Check Before Driving a Rental Car in Rwanda



Renting a car is great if done right. Go through this checklist before you leave the rental company to start your trip. When you first time rent a car in Rwanda, you need to look after several things to have a stress-free beginning to your trip. So when it comes to renting, be sure you opt for the right choice. With some smart tips, you can be prepared to make wise decisions. Let’s have a look into it.

Find out the easy things to look for to avoid hassle later on.

Look over the car

Have a thorough inspection of the car you have rented. Take time and walk around to discover anything unusual inside and outside of the car. If you sense any doubt, you can inform the authorities straightway or take some pictures by your smartphone. The most common damages to look out for are scratches, dents or chips on the outside of the car and cigarette burns on the car seats.

Ideally, do your check in daylight so you can spot everything. Look over bumpers and wing mirrors, too. Take pictures of any defects and flag them at the counter before you drive away, to ensure you’re not held liable for them on return.

Check what fuel it takes

Ask, and ask again, just to be sure. Thought it seems an absurd thought, you should be aware of what fuel your rental car takes. When you are at the fuel station and in a hurry as well, you shouldn’t be unaware which fuel is right for the vehicle. Open the cap to see if it’s petrol or diesel. Else know it at the time of renting the car from the provider office.

Sort your route

If your car has navigation feature like GPS it’s worth setting it to your language before you head off. If you don’t have one, you can get the route on your smartphone download maps when you’re in a wi-fi zone then you can use them when you’re offline, so there are no roaming charges to worry about.

Note the emergency number

Before opting for a self-drive car to make a drive to a remote destination, ensure that network coverage is available there. It enables you to be in touch family though you are in the remote area during emergency situations.

Ask at the counter for the numbers to call if you’re in an accident or your car breaks down. Check your contract to understand the timeframe you have to report an incident to both the police and the rental company in order to be covered; often it’s within a matter of hours.

Check the parts, toolkit and spare tire before you rent a car

Many of you might experience the self-drive in Rwanda for the first time. Though you are assured that the cars would be perfectly alright and won’t make any mistakes, be on the safer side by having an inspection on the condition of the vehicle yourself. Also that you should check if the spare tire is available in the car, take a test ride and check the condition of the brake and the clutch.

Maintenance issues

If you happen to see any wear and tear in the vehicle you booked, ask for a maintenance report or clear it in the initial stage itself to avoid any stress. Before you drive away, check the air-conditioning, tire condition, air in the tires and so.

Returning the Car

Clean the in and out of the car before you return it to the rental company. If the agency has to carry out a quick clean, you may be charged extra. Therefore it is advisable to check each and everything to make sure that it is managed properly. In Rwanda car rental, you get exceptional services from our company the biggest car rental company in Rwanda. You would be given proper advice before you hit the roads with the rented car.

Check battery condition & Check lights functioning

You have to pay close attention to the condition of the battery in the rental car to avoid getting stuck on the road due to a drained or corroded battery. Check if the cables are well attached to the battery terminals plus make sure the water levels are steady.

Check to see if all the car lights function properly including high and low beams, Check the turn signals, parking and tail lights. They all have to be fully functional to avoid getting into night accidents or being pulled over by the traffic police.

Check for emergency gear in the boot

You should be supplied with a spare wheel and jack, reflective triangle, jumper cables and a small fire extinguisher. Open up the glove compartment to check for the Owner’s Manual, too.

Ensure you’ve got the right insurance

Check your contract and ask if you’re unsure. For example, cover for tyres and the windscreen is often charged separately, if this is important to you, ensure it’s added to your package.

Confirm the named drivers

Most companies won’t allow multiple drivers unless you’ve declared this upfront.

Ask about e-tolls

Many companies don’t cover the cost of e-tolls or fines. Your contract should outline how this is settled, but ask upfront so you don’t get whacked with a surprise bill.

Crossing borders? Find out the rules

You may need a letter of authorization from your car-rental company to allow you to drive between borders. Travelling across countries may also affect your insurance – ask before you drive off to ensure you’ve got the right cover for your holiday plans.


Make your next trip an unforgettable experience. To allow yourself time to find a real deal, you should start looking for your hire car well in advance of your trip. We’ve consistently found that by booking early, it’s possible to save hundreds of pounds on a rental.


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