Best 5 Things to Do in Barbados

It is widely known that Barbados has evolved, during the last years, to a hot escape destination for celebrities and some of the most rich and famous people worldwide. Most of the easy going journals and lifestyle magazines don’t forget to provide daily Barbados’ clips of various stars, from NBA players having fun at the beach to middle to first class singers enjoying a relaxing shopping day and some hot Hollywood, secret or non secret, couples enjoying their love in luxury facilities on the Platinum coast. Barbados is an idyllic retreat for many wishing to have a break from winter and enjoy some sunshine together with some celebrity spotting.

Celebs in Barbados are actually treated as they would be treated in countries such as Switzerland, for example. Locals don’t bother them much; some occasional photos and autographs may be requested by the most enthusiastic fans – mostly tourists – and press might seek for a front-page picture of them but, most of the time, privacy is guaranteed.

So let’s see what makes Barbados such a special place to visit through all of these years…

Barbados is being blessed with a great climate for the whole year; something that is highly valued by all people. Over 3000 hours of sunshine per year is guaranteed and temperature varies between 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit (27-29 degrees Celsius); a climate not too hot and not cold highly affected by the refreshing North-Eastern sea breezes.

Sun’s activity

From season to season, sunrise and sunset vary by about 30 minutes; usually sun rises at 5:30am and sets at about 6 pm. This is quite surprising for tourists since it is getting dark early but this is due to Barbados’ geographical location.

Raining and sunshine

Raining is short, stopping and starting. Since it’s a tropical climate, quite a lot of times raining and sunshine can coexist. This phenomenon, called ‘liquid sunshine’, preserves a green and fertile ground that characterizes this earthly paradise. If still dubious on Barbados, you can come and see for yourselves what the holiday experience in the island offers in terms of activities, views, recreational attributes, relaxation facilities and a series of other astonishing things!

No matter what type of junkie traveller you are – either a fully organised one or a last minute one – grab the next flight ticket to Barbados and enjoy a wonderful experience that shall satisfy you completely; sun, sea and celebs, what more to ask? If wondering what you shall need during your trip you can find some useful tips that will ensure you got what is needed and exclude what is unnecessary. You surely wouldn’t like to take your fur coat when preparing to visit magnificent Barbados…

Hot nightlife places in Barbados

Oistin’s Fish Fry

Interested in gaining a ticket to a full Bajan experience? Oistin’s Fish Fry is an ideal point of reference for this.

Oistin’s is widely known for its great food consisting of a series of dishes characterising Caribbean’s cuisine, i.e. cou-cou (Barbados’ national dish), marlin, swordfish, mahimahi, flying fish etc. Great food is accompanied with great drinks, live music and a sensually magnificent atmosphere that pervades the street and gives you a unique holiday. Come to the place to enjoy a relaxing domino game, to take a look and do some shopping at the jewellery stalls or to have a perfect view on an astonishing sunset tasting, at the same time, the most of the Bajan experience.

Beaches ideal for picnicking in Barbados

Enterprise Beach (Miami)

Enterprise Beach or Miami Beach is close to Oistin’s in the area belonging to Christ Church near the south coast; it’s an ideal beach for picnicking. There are a lot of trees providing their cooling shadow, a parking area, an excellent canteen providing a range of foods and drinks and the necessary umbrellas and chairs as well as picnic facilities (tables and restrooms). On one part of the beach, families can enjoy a calm, shallow sea ideal for relaxation while, on the other part, more adventurous people can enjoy a deep, wavy sea. The name of the canteen is ‘Mr. Delicious’ and some of its specialties are its rum punch, its fresh lemonade, its afternoon tea and some yummy salt fish cakes and fish cutters. If you need to get to a trip there, you should go east through Oistin’s, turn right at the fork getting off the main road, then turn the first right and again right while at the black and white island and drive till the end of this road.

What to put in the suitcase

Comfortable clothing: Lightweight cotton and linen are recommended for such a junkie traveller destination but keep in mind that they might be a bit ruffled when taken off the suitcase after a long flight. When the sun is up put some shorts, sleeveless tops and some light dresses on. Night dining in restaurants is often requiring casual outfits so dress accordingly; no need for ties or jackets for men. Short or long-sleeve shirts and long slacks will get you through, if you are a man, although some restaurants may have no problem with jeans or even tailored shorts. Summer dresses, long or short, or long pants together with a fitting top are perfectly fine for women. Some luxury restaurants may require a more elegant dress code so, if in doubt, ask before booking.

Comfortable shoes: Sandals and flip flops are more than necessary when dashing to the beach so as to easily take the sand off, but also consider getting some enclosed shoes in case of rain. Get some snickers, as well, if considering using hotel’s gym or participating in activities at your Barbados’ staying.


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