Sedges on the Water

Sedgies on the Water



Perched upon the water’s edge, Sedgies on the Water is the ideal holiday accommodation for those who appreciate the sort of unique atmosphere that only the unspoiled South African coastline can offer.

Sedgies on the Water offers, on one end, a gorgeous view of the crystal-clear waters of the estuary, and, on the other, a shady garden ever humming with the bright and diverse birdlife that flourishes in the region. Serviced on a bi-weekly basis, and equipped with four double bedrooms, en suite bathrooms, open plan kitchen and living areas, parking, décor that invokes that unique seaside chic, and, perhaps most importantly, the sort of generously-sized outdoor deck that’s essential for any relaxing waterside experience, Sedgies is, end to end, designed to ensure that your stay is as tranquil as any seaside experience should be.

Located at Sedgefield, a secluded village tucked between the lakes and mountains by Knysna’s most extensive stretch of unspoiled beach, Sedgies, needless to say, represents a heavenly experience for all those who love the wonders of the waterside, and of the outdoors in general, regardless of age. The nearby lagoon offers ideal and safe swimming, though the sea can likewise be easily accessed; while the more adventurous can enjoy, well, more or less any sport one can get up to on the water. Fishing is excellent, and the village – which has been referred to as “a mecca for fishing and water sport enthusiasts – offers full facilities for such activities as kayaking, water skiing and kite surfing. Moreover, should one prefer some slightly dryer thrills, the woody and mountainous inland region offers ideal sites and resources for hiking, mountain biking, and paragliding.

But just as important is the opportunity for serenity that Sedgies on the Water offers – the sort of serenity that any beach-lover knows can only be found by the sea. Enjoy a crisp stroll along the coast; take your special someone on a classic old sunset cruise; or bring your family down to the beach for a picnic. Sprawl out upon the deck, drinking in the dazzling sight of the sun setting over the water and the sweet evening smell of braai fires. Wake up to the trill of birds, drift off to the sound of splashing fish, and spend every moment in between absorbing the limitless sensual wonders of the coastline.

Sedgies on the Water is a place built upon the knowledge that a holiday by the seaside offers an opportunity for tranquillity and relaxation that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, and is run by people who are dedicated to ensuring that yours is soothing, smooth and stress-free from beginning to end, so that you might enjoy its recuperative effects in full.

Our country’s coastlines have, for decades, been famed across the world for their beauty; and, as our guest reviews and scores of 9.9 fully attest, a stay at Sedgies on the Water is perhaps one of the best ways to personally discover why.


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