Best Travel Spots in Australia

If you are hoping to visit anytime soon, then you probably be wondering what the best travel spots in Australia. Australia is home to a diverse culture and environment so you can never be short of places to visit. Regardless of where you decide to make a home, you are likely to have a blend of a cosmopolitan residence in one of nature’s most spectacular habitats. As we list the best travel spots in Australia, we will try to cover the various cities in Australia. This is to ensure that irrespective of where you are in Australia, you are covered.

Sydney Harbour

The Sydney Harbour has been considered as amongst the most beautiful natural habitats existing today. It is of course our prime choice for best travel spots in Australia. This area is home to landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House as well as the immensely popular Royal Botanic Gardens. These places are known to be amongst the more picturesque and serene spots to be found anywhere. Most important is the Royal Botanic Gardens, which came into existence in 1816 and spans over 74 acres. These gardens are varied, spanning from a desert like environment known as the Succulent Garden to a tropical flora filled greenhouse called the Tropical center. This area has proven an ideal spot for watching birds that have grown more than accustomed to human presence.

Parklands at South Bank

Often less preferred to Australia’s more popular cities of Melbourne and Sydney, Brisbane, the capital of Queensland is more than just Australia’s third most populous city. This city is home to the Parklands at South Bank. This area is home to beaches, recreation spots, a fledging nightlife as well as parks, gardens and museums. The parklands at South Bank is a choice place by both foreigners and locals who see it as the home of Brisbane culture. So popular is Brisbane?s Parklands at South Bank that they have often drawn comparisons to the more famed Sydney Harbour. On the observation wheel coined ?Wheel of Brisbane,? you can earn an amazing glimpse into the city of Brisbane. This area also has a lot of bars and restaurants exposing the delicacies of Australian cuisine. It therefore deserves a position amongst the best travel spots in Australia. Moving to Adelaide South Australia

The City Circle Tram

The City circle tram is useful for a quick sightseeing of Melbourne’s top attractions. Even better than its sightseeing purpose is that it is free. Although they tend to get crowded, these trams have proven so popular that they occupy a position amongst the best travel spots in Australia.


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