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6 Things You Should have in a Hiking Kit



Hiking is so much fun, especially with your friends. If you love to trek or hike, then you are an adrenaline junkie for sure. But, what about the things to carry along.

If hiking is your passion, then you must have outdoor gear only. You must carry along objects that will help you with a smooth trail. Listed below are 6 objects that you should have in your hiking kit.

Map or compass

How will you travel without a map? That is practically impossible if it is a hilly area. Though there is navigation in mobile, it may not work due to a network problem.

Always carry a map when you go for hiking in hilly areas. Also, carry a compass to know about the direction. Carry a GPS unit for the emergency exit too.

First aid kit

Hiking is not easy if you are a beginner. While climbing or hiking in steep plains, you can also get hurt. So, it’s important that you have your own first aid kit in your hiking bag.

Carry all the essential first aid things in the kit. It will really be a handy option if there is an emergency. You can make a small kit with basic first aid supplies.

Swiss knife

Every hiker or trekker should have a Swiss knife in the backpack. A Swiss knife can be used for multitasking. You can cut, fix or repair anything with the help of a Swiss knife.

You simply cannot miss this one object in your bag. A Swiss knife is a multifunctional tool that can be handy at all times.

A comfortable backpack

A backpack should be comfortable, as you need to carry it along with you. Always choose a water-resistant backpack. Choose a backpack with multi compartments as that can be handy.

A backpack should have adjustable shoulder straps so that you feel at ease while you walk. Choose a design that is trendy yet great in storage.

Safety tools

Hiking on hilly trails can be tricky and at times, you may face difficulties too. It’s important to carry your safety tools along with you. Carry a light along with you. A powerful light can help you to find your way even at night. Don’t forget to carry a whistle along with you.

If you get lost somewhere, a whistle can always come in handy. In fact, the whistle should first make it to your list of tools. Also, carry a lighter with you. If you are stuck somewhere, a lighter will be handy to ignite a fire. Lighting a fire helps if you are stuck somewhere along your way.

Sunglasses and sunscreen

Sunglasses and sunscreen is a perfect choice for protection against harmful UV rays. Apply a sunscreen when you go for hiking and always carry an extra pair of sunglasses along with you in your backpack.

Also, carry extra food and water along with you. Carry energy bars and dry fruits along with you. If you are thinking about outdoor gear only then carry a raincoat too. All the best for your hiking trip!


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