African Safari

Preparing for an African Safari



A safari is a very exciting adventure! But the excitement and adventure can take a bad turn if you do not do your homework first! And the first step is to find out how to get there, and what you must have to get into the continent (it is a whole different continent!).

Don’t venture into the unknown without adequate preparation and planning! And to do that, you just CANNOT miss out this simple checklist!

Do your Homework!

1.    Travel Paper…

First up, you need to consider VISA requirements… And you should get these well in advance. These are the guidelines for American Citizens.

  • South Africa, Rwanda and Botswana allow tourists without a VISA.
  • A Kenyan VISA is available for approx. $25 from the Kenyan Embassy.
  • Visitors to Zambia, Namibia and Uganda will have to pay a $50 charge for a VISA from the respective embassies.
  • Tanzania follows the same procedure, but the VISA costs $100.

2.    Passport

Get a Passport that is valid for an extra 6 months after the duration of your safari vacation.

3.    Money

You can get your currency exchanged at most of the major hotels where you would be staying, or at authorized banks. Be prepared because all the countries in Africa have different currencies. Most of the banks here will stay open from 9-3, though in certain countries they close a little earlier.

4.    Credit Cards

Yes Credit Cards are accepted in the larger hotels and lodges, except in Rwanda. However, it is advisable that you stay equipped with a certain amount of cash, because there are still a lot of places which will accept only cash.

5.    Reservations

It is advisable that you plan the safari and make your hotel reservations about 12 months in advance.

6.    Travel Insurance

You should always carry travel insurance, especially since you are venturing into the wild. But then that info is available in detail on another one of our inner pages!

7.    Adaptor Plugs

It is expected that you will be provided with these at all major hotels, but be on the safe side and carry your own, just in case.

8.    Medicines and Insect Repellents

Very essential that you find out whatever you would need, and carry them yourself. You may or may not get them once you arrive in Africa.

9.    And last but not the least….

Don’t forget a reliable Guide Book and Maps to guide you on your vacation!

10.    For the Traveler’s Heart

You need to catch a flight to reach Africa, of course…  But once there, travel options are many…

  • Air travel
  • Self Drive
  • Pre-planned guided Safaris
  • Tailored guided tours.
  • Railways
  • Ferries and Boats.

Depending partly on your preference and partly on the landscapes and available options, you can go for a combination of these…

So keep these tips in mind… And prepare for your African Safari accordingly. And get set to have a ‘roaring’ adventure, free of all problems!!


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