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A survival training course is something that most people would like to have a go at – learning the skills to stay safe and well in an emergency could be very useful. The courses come in a range of types, from short courses that teach you the basics to longer courses which cover everything that you need to know about surviving in the wilderness. If you are completely new to this type of adventure break then the Introduction to Bushcraft course could be just what you need. You learn how to make a basic shelter, make a fire and learn about some of the plants that could be useful to you.

Basic Course

This basic course takes two days to complete and you can then consider other courses to add to the skills that you have already learned. Woodland Navigation, Flint Knapping and Fire Lighting Techniques are all useful skills to acquire and could help to save your life if you are ever in an emergency. Fire Lighting is one of the most popular courses that are available because if you are ever stuck in the wild then the ability to light a fire will be essential as it will provide heat, light and allow you to cook, as well as alert potential rescuers to your location. Flint Knapping gives you the skills to make tools, just as they did centuries ago.


Survival skills can also be taught on expeditions and these are a great way to spend a few days as they also have a holiday feel to them. Expeditions can be taken in regions such as for example the Arctic, Namibia and Canada. You could try canoeing in the Ardeche. This means that those who are beginners can learn in warmer waters than they could in many other countries and enjoy some great scenery at the same time. Tracking in Namibia is a course that is very unique. You learn how to follow tracks through the desert and you get to spend some time in one of the most unspoiled countries that Africa has to offer.

Week-Long Survival Courses

Week-long survival courses are available too and take the basic skills learned on the two day courses to a much higher level. These are not for the faint hearted and you need to be prepared to put your new-found skills into practice. Why not learn bow-making? The bow and arrow has been in existence for many centuries and has been essential to survival. You can learn how to create both the bow and arrow and learn how to use it to its best advantage.

Camp Craft Course

Camp craft courses are perfect for teaching you what you need to have with you to survive. These courses are conducted entirely outdoors and you need to be prepared no matter what the weather. Wilderness navigation has proved to be a very popular course. Being able to survive in the wilderness is one thing but you also need to be able to find your way around. If you set up camp then wander off to find food, how do you find your way back? With this skill you can learn more about how to plan and prepare so that you are in control while you are out there.

If you do need to hunt for food then the tracking skills are essential. You might learn some of the basics on a short course but the week long course will equip you with everything that you need to monitor the different types of wildlife but also has the ability to teach you how to forage for different types of foodstuffs or even how to track other humans.

None of these courses are for those who are wary of the outdoors. If you have any aversion to bad weather, insects or wild animals then these are not for you. If you have a certain level of toughness to start with then you should not have a problem with any of the courses. All the instructors on the courses are highly trained and have experience of putting these skills into practice. When booking time on a course you will be given all the details of what you will need to bring with you but there are some basics that you should not be without. Strong walking boots are a must while warm clothing and a hat are recommended. All the advice given by the instructors should be followed carefully in order for you to get the most from the course, no matter which one you choose.


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