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Can You Self-drive in Kenya



We believe that driving yourself at your own pace is the best way for a true Kenya safari adventure. If you are looking to hire a car in Kenya to explore this beautiful country, you have come to the right place!

Our fleet consists of Toyota Land cruisers with rooftop tents and Toyota Land cruisers with pop up roof. We own all our rental cars and never subcontract from third parties.

Kenya has so much more to offer than the beaten path, and we can help you plan your routes carefully so you don’t miss out on the best spots. We love this country and have a lot of tips to share to help you get the most out of your ultimate safari in Kenya!

Is Kenya Safe for Self Drive?

Kenya has had its own horrible past reputation. Because of its past, most Kenya safari travelers opted for structured safaris arranged from their home countries but today, the story is different. Kenya is one of the very few safest and most accessible destinations in Africa, the easiest place to explore and experience even as a solo traveler.

Whereas Kenya is considerably the safest destination compared to other African states, cases of crime in the main cities/towns usually occur. Also, it is important to crosscheck with travel advisories on the current state of the country.

Most often, visitors attract the unwanted attention from beggars or potential pickpockets and you should be keen enough while on the streets of Nairobi or other towns in Kenya.

How a self-drive tour in Kenya can be done

Getting to Kenya for self-drive

Solo travelers can fly up to Nairobi, the Capital of Kenya a beautiful city with a National Park set adjacent to it. From Nairobi, there are many airlines offering connecting flights between most cities or safari destinations of Kenya whether you want to visit Masai Mara National Reserve for wildebeest migration.

The most sought for means that most budgets minded travelers often opt for is self-drive car hire in Kenya. We have the best 4×4 rental cars suitable for all road trips to Nairobi National Park, Masai Mara or Tsavo National parks.

Our fleet of rental cars for your Kenya road trips includes among others 4×4 Toyota Rav4, Land Cruiser Hardtop Extended, Safari Land Cruisers, Vans, Land Cruiser GX Diesel Engine, a Camper Vehicle with camping gear to Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Safari Vehicle and Landcruiser V8 petrol engine.

Where to go for Kenya self-drive tour

Kenya boasts of about 54 National Parks and Reserves and noted for its remarkable self-drive experiences. Some of the best places not to miss visiting for unforgettable self-drive experience in Kenya include the Masai Mara National Reserve most visited for wildebeest migration experience, big five game viewing etc.

Amboseli National Park, most popular for its large herds of elephants and mesmerizing views of the Kilimanjaro Mountains-snow-capped Mountain. Tsavo National Parks-Tsavo East, Tsavo West also offer the best of Kenya self-drive safari experience in Kenya.

Samburu National Reserve, a perfect semi-desert reserve set along the Northern side of Kenya. Ewaso Ngiro is the largest river in Kenya and it flows via the Samburu National Reserve. The protected area boasts of its significant wildlife species including cheetahs, elephants, leopards, lions, wild dog etc.

For unique experiences, don’t miss to visit Aberdares National Park in the western side of Mount Kenya. Chyulu Hills set between Tsavo and Amboseli National Parks, Kimana Sanctuary and others.

Be aware of the weather

While on self-drive Kenya, weather conditions are key to take note of. In Kenya, the weather is largely temperate with Nairobi often experiencing cool weather conditions and temperature rise of 28 degrees celsius from the months of January, February, and March during the day and at night 14 degrees celsius especially from July to August.

However, Kenya is an all year round self-drive destination except the wetter/rainy months of the year. That is April, May, June and October, November when roads can be muddy.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Car in Kenya?

If you are planning to drive around Kenya but not on safari, then you don’t need a 4×4. Driving from Nairobi to Nanyuki, Kisumu, or Mombasa is easily done in a 2 wheel drive car, as are trips along the coast saying from Diani to Watamu or Mombasa to Malindi.

How to Travel in Kenya

The roads in Kenya are fine. That’s an appropriate middle of the road (excuse the pun) term to describe them. Most main roads between cities are paved and pothole-free. The roads in Nairobi are paved with plentiful potholes, and in the bush, the roads are dirt tracks. If you are going on safari, you heed a 4×4 no hesitation.

By travelling independently, you give back to the communities in Kenya. Choosing local guides, staying in Airbnb’s, taking public transport where possible, these are all ways in which you can support the Kenyan economy. You should consider the impact of where you stay on safari. Many lodges and camps work to support the local ecosystems and conservation in Kenya, as well as looking after their staff and people within the community. Spend some time checking out these places, rather than relying on tour companies to choose for you.


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