Socotra Island Yemen

The Scintillating Socotra Islands

The amazing islands are a cluster of four little islands, floating on the Indian Ocean make for a great escape from all the city bustle and pressures associated with it. A truly delightful vacation spot it goes to be, filled with the goodness of sun-sand-surf activity.

The largest of the four clustered islands, the spectacular and scenic pleasure of Sonotra makes it the largest island of all the other three counterparts. This island takes about ninety-five percent of the land area together taken by other three.

About a distance of 150 miles from the Horn of Africa from the east, and separated by the Arabian Peninsula by about two hundred and forty miles from the southern side, this mesmerizing getaway is a secluded destination. The island boasts of such flora that can unarguably be found nowhere else in the world. Also, referred to as the ‘most alien looking place on planet’, one can understand.

These islands are also a part of the Republic of Yemen. Boasting a wide range of varied bio-diversity in the whole of the world, about ninety percent of the reptile species found over here cannot be seen elsewhere. The rich flora of the Socotra Islands are also true only to this beautiful location. With about eight hundred peculiar sorts of plants, no where in the world can they be found. So, all naturalists and nature enthusiasts and alike definitely have not something but a lot to look forward to from these amazing islands.

Socotora Forest

A very rare specie of tree called the Dragon;s Blood Tree attracts many a visitors befuddled at the uniqueness possessed by the tree. Very peculiar feature of the tree is the sap color of it, which is red in color and can be compared to blood. However, that sap is beneficial and has a medicinal property, which is also used as a dye. Compared with the blood of Abel, many wounds can be seen on the trunk and bark of the tree, which makes the sight even deadly.

However, that was not all. The great animal life found over the islands are peculiar to its own. With six hundred and eighty different species of fish and another two hundred and thirty species of amazing hard coral, four hundred and ninety peculiar types of mollusk, one will surely feel like they’ve come to an all new land.

Although, apart from the rich flora and fauna which makes the place so exquisite; there’s something more to this paradise of a destination. The scenic splendors of the Socotra Islands are so great that the islands can easily be regarded as one of the greatest locations high on natural bounty. Aptly called as the alienated place of earth, the islands also boasts some of the greatest historically significant monuments, awesome beaches with crystal waters, and a great time more than anything.

All those who seek a holiday which means quite a getaway from the world to a whole new place, they certainly and undoubtedly need to come and rewind at this very place. With an insignificant number of populace with only sixty thousands residents, the locals primarily speak in Arabic and Socotri. Much influenced by the Arabian and African culture, it’s a dream come true vacation spot for any traveler.


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