Beijing Roast Duck

Beijing Roast Duck: Taste Amazing Chinese Food

Though Roast Duck is available in many Chinese restaurants throughout the world, they simply cannot beat the flavor and aroma of the grilled in China.

Beijing Roast Duck

Beijing roast duck, roasted, clear furnace (ie hanging furnace) and stew two laws. Quan Ju De Roast Duck Restaurant features, is to use the hanging oven baking method, which is from the Qing imperial court room hung oven roasted suckling pig with a special method of transplant. The baked duck, shiny gold color, but in addition Suxiang tender, do not have a special delicious flavor. The so-called “stew stove” is a kind of hearth, furnace body is brick, about the size of about one meter square. The production method was first introduced from the south of Beijing, is characterized by “duck not see fire,” is from the furnace and a hot charcoal grill stew of the furnace wall. More tender taste furnace duck stew some duck juice also significantly more abundant and full more. And eat roast duck, is the first to be cut as thin knife, with the poker best lotus leaf cake coated with sweet soybean paste, and then put onion, garlic, duck strips, roll and eat, very fragrant beauty.

The art of roasting ducks evolved from techniques used to prepare sucking pigs

The art of roasting ducks evolved from techniques used to prepare sucking pigs. For more than a century, specialized chefs have developed the idea that the skin of the duck should be so soft and crisp that it melts in the mouth. In applying the traditional method of preparation, the chefs at Quanjude pay particular attention to the quality of the duck, the auxiliary ingredients and the type of wood burned in the oven. Special farms supply plump Beijing ducks weighing an average of 2.5 kilograms each. The two famous Beijing condiment shops, Liubiju and Tianyuan, supply the dark tangy bean sauce spread on the pancakes. The fragrant sesame oil and refined sugar are also specially selected. Finally, only the wood of fruit trees such as date, peach and pear are used in the roasting process to give the meat its unique fragrance.

Bianyifang Restaurant

To satisfy the growing demand for roast duck and with an eye on the profits to be made from a good name, many restaurants opened from a good name, many restaurants opened under the Bianyifang name. In fact, in 1926, nine roast duck restaurants in Beijing carried this name. In the late 1960s the Bianyifang Restaurant’s name was changed to the Chongwenmen Roast Duck Restaurant, but in 1979 it resumed its former title. Its menu includes more than 20 traditional duck dishes, including the Four Delicacies: wing and web, liver, heart and pancreas.

Practice dealing with chopsticks before you enter Quanjude

I hope you will enjoy the delicacy of the Roasted Duck on your next visit to Peking. But don’t forget to practice dealing with chopsticks before you enter Quanjude. However, tips for the service are not necessary in Chinese restaurants, although a pair of chopsticks is.


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