Jaipur Festivals

Celebrate The Spirit Of Festivals In Jaipur

Festivals have long played an important role in shaping people’s beliefs about certain religions in India. If you love festivals and want to experience it in the most royal ways, then Jaipur is the place to be in. People in Jaipur leave no stone unturned to celebrate festivals in the most fun ways possible. People in the metropolitan city might have forgotten how to celebrate festivals but people in Jaipur still have the same amount of respect and enthusiasm for festivals as in the earlier day. You can come here from any of the Bangalore to Jaipur flights to see the real meaning of various festivals celebrated here. Here are some of the festivals celebrated with aplomb in Jaipur.

  1. Teej festival: On this day, ladies and girls wear vivid new Indian array and make the most of their day, by singing and moving together. On this day, ladies pour mehndi on their hand and keep the fast for a day for their better half and break the fast in the wake of watching the moon. They perform an exceptional pooja of Goddess Parvati and take their blessings.
  1. Gangaur festival: Mainly for the women who appeal to God for prosperity and long life for their spouses or future husbands, Gangaur festival is praised in Chaitra between the month of March and April as indicated by the Hindu schedule for the sake of goddess Parvati and god Shiv.
  1. Elephant festival: Upon the arrival of Phalguna Purnima (full moon), the elephant festival is commended incorporating the Pujan of elephants and astonishing exercises connected with them like elephants dashing, decorating elephants and more. Elephants have constantly assumed a vital part in Hindu Mythology.
  1. Kite Festival: Makar Sankranti is celebrated on January 14th every year, where everybody in Jaipur fly kites in the high sky and make the most of their day with bliss and vivacious feeling. The families get together and commend this celebration together by sharing desserts and flying vivid kites.
  1. Sitla Mata Fair: In the town Seel-ki-Dungri of Jaipur, this fair is commended with awesome euphoria and bliss devoted to the Sitla goddess when individuals in Jaipur take favor from the omnipotent and perform numerous works of art to inspire the goddess and satisfy their desires. This celebration is commended in the month of March- April. Sitla Mata let all the inconveniences to shoot on her and favor the general population for upbeat life.
  1. Donkey Festival: This celebration is a fascinating festival of delight and satisfaction where the donkeys are accumulated at one spot with their pet guardians and numerous sorts of events are performed which incorporates decorating donkey, donkey racing and some more. This celebration is one intriguing celebration that is just celebrated in the district of Jaipur.
  1. Kajli Teej Festival: Taken after by the same customs which are partaken in the celebration of teej, ladies praise this celebration by drawing in themselves in moving, singing and performing such expressions. This celebration assumes an imperative part in the state of Rajasthan due to its noteworthiness and significant reason.

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