Travelling As A Couple



Most people jump to the chance to criticise any traveller who wishes to head off around the globe with their loved one and some believe doing this will end even the strongest of relationships. If you haven’t noticed already you are on a couples travel blog and we love every minute of trekking the globe together. When you are travelling as a couple it is more than just heading over to Hong Kong or New Zealand with your mates, you are travelling and sharing all your experiences with the one you love and your best friend in the world.

Rachel and I haven’t always seen eye to eye on decisions (as I normally do without thinking first) but we have always enjoyed every moment of our time together and of course our travelling experiences. With our two year anniversary just around the corner I thought we would set up so that we can document the rest of our journeys together along with all information on travelling the world with your partner.

Travelling as a couple is an amazing experience as you wear your heart on your sleeve and cannot hide any part of your character as you are together 24/7, unless of course you head down to the local bar for a few midnight beers while she is asleep! I’m not saying it’s easy to travel together, but it makes your relationship stronger and those amazing experience a little bit more special.

I believe that one of the first rules when travelling as a couple is always compromise. Without this your experience won’t be as good as you thought it would be. Although you may be inseparable and have a load in common, you must remember that you will still have different interests and places you want to visit. Rachel and I found the easiest way is to take it in turns and go to a place which each person wants to go to. Although sometimes I wasn’t able to head off in the direction which I wanted to go, the experiences and memories I have of doing the things Rachel wanted to do I would never change. In some cases I think that the place Rachel chose was probably better than where I wanted us to head towards.

What you need to remember is that unlike your mate who might head out even if you are tucked up in bed ill, your partner will stick by your side an nurse you better and not only that, the experiences you have on your travels will ultimately bring you both closer together.


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