Top 5 Places To Visit As A Travel Couple



Every travelling couple knows that after traipsing through the amazon and hitch-hiking for rides on deserted roads in a faraway country that a much needed travel experience where you can purely enjoy the company of each other is most definitely needed. Whether you are the most adventurous couple or a couple who merely enjoy travelling the world, at some point you will need to take time to stop off somewhere where you can grab a nice long shower and just relax. Anyone can jet off to the normal couples getaway locations like Paris and the Bahamas, but when you have a world like ours with more places to visit than you can imagine, then you must take full advantage of this! So here is a brief run down to our top 5 places to visit as a couple.

Ice Hotel, Sweden

If you have just spent the past month in sweltering heats or sandy beaches then you may want to take the time to visit the other extreme and experience some cold! The infamous Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden is one of the truly amazing places you could visit and will help rekindle any romance lost on previous travels. What better way to enjoy amazing sights of the Northern Lights over a cup of hot chocolate than visiting the Ice Hotel. This hotel offers a bar, sauna, spa and rooms which reach warming temperatures of 23 degrees, so you can be sure you won’t catch a cold whilst catching counting sheep.

Rotorua Polynesian Spa, New Zealand

New Zealand is high up on everybody’s list when it comes to travelling and it’s hard to disagree with the decision to place it so high. Not only can you enjoy sandy beaches and scenic views across the island, but for you men out there like me, if you get there while the Super 16 rugby is on you will have the time of your life. The atmosphere is incredible and you will be sure to have a great time smashing back the beers and watching some of the world’s best rugby. As I mentioned in my first post on this blog, compromise is key to travelling as a couple so if you head to the rugby one day you must do something for your partner the next. I strongly advise heading the Rotorua Polynesian Spa’s in Northern territory of New Zealand. Here you can take your pick from over 20 different pools which have been used religiously by locals since the 19th century. This is one place you will not want to leave I guarantee it!


Obviously no couples holiday or travel couples adventure is complete without the ever popular trip to a romantic and relaxing beach. The Seychelle Island is the home of pristine beaches and clear water where even the Royal family deem a credible travel destination. The summer months on the islands are perfect for diving, snorkelling and sailing due to the warmer waters, summer breezes and the wealth of sea life around. Seychelles really is a destination which I advise any travelling couple to set sail to as it offers a range of different activities for both parties to take part in whether it be golf, horse riding or scenic walks as well as being able to benefit from spectacular accommodation and local cuisine to die for.

Chachapoyas, Peru

If you are a travel couple who love adventure and exploring the history, culture and scenic views of a country then a trip to Chachapoyas is a must. In the foothills of Northeast Peru, the Chachapoyas, a former colonial settlement now transformed into a quaint market town blanketed by the clouds and radiating beauty throughout. After you have trekked through the rainforest catching breath taking views of its waterfalls and nature, you can hit your explore button once more as you can make your way around the archaeological ruins of the fortress of Kuelap. Peru is a glorious country with a wealth of culture for all to embrace and if you have the time make sure you head there and if you don’t have the time… make some because this is a place you will want crossed off your bucket list.

Yosemite, California

Yosemite National Park is truly one of the most beautiful and natural landmarks in America, if not the world! This park offers 1,200 acres of beauty, nature and wildlife which will amaze every visitor. The daunting cliff faces and unique rock formations are one this parks most amazing features and is the perfect backdrop to any couples adventures or camping trip. Most tourists and travellers head straight for the Yosemite Valley where you will find the park’s most famous landmarks the El Capitan and Half Dome. Here you can both test your trust and nerve learning to climb together with some of the top climbing experts in the US along with places to set up camp for the night and lie underneath the stars, perfect for any travel couple.


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