Rwenzori Mountains

A Trek to the Rwenzori Mountains

Uganda is part of the east African countries and it is the best country for having a safari and holidays, exploring Uganda becomes a mandatory activity for every tourist who wish to move around Africa, some of the best places to go for a safari includes the Rwenzori mountains National Park, Murchison Fall National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The Rwenzori Mountains offer the best and everlasting experience for every individual and one of the greatest activity here maybe hiking to Margherita peak. This is done in partnership with Rwenzori Mountaineering Services (RMS) who lead the trekker throughout the activity, mountain hiking costs USDS100. This national park was gazetted in 1991 and it covers 996km² of land and the Margherita which is the highest peak around rises at 5109m.

The great Rwenzori Mountains is covered by six snow capped mountains with Margherita being the highest in all, going for trekking enables physically fit visitors to enjoy the great numbers of glaciers, valleys and the lakes summing up to nine, rocky cliffs with crags and the wide flora and faunas including the different vegetation zones on the slopes of the mountains.

A trek to Rwenzori National Park is one of the beautiful adventure in the history books since the park is considered to be a World Heritage Site, following the Bamwanjara trail, this is in between camp 3 and 4 and this is found at Kirembe route. This gives visitors a chance to have a view of Mt Stanley, Elena peaks and the Margherita peak, Mt Speke is seen in the center. From here going through a deep ridge enables you to see Weismann’s Peak and Mt Baker. From here the trail continues to the valley and leads to the Kacholpe Lake to camp 4and Scott Elliot pass, camp 5 is at an elevation of 4460m and it’s at the top point enabling you to access Margherita peak the following day.

This can take a maximum of 9 days and a minimum of 7 days depending on how physical the hikers are. Hikers are encouraged to move with hiking gears or hire them from the service providers and these gears include the ropes, sleeping bags, ice axe, rubber boots, garters, gloves, jackets, climbing boots and sweaters plus trousers.

From this great trek and the coldness of the Margherita peak, one may enjoy the beauty of Murchison falls national park, this is the Uganda’s largest national park and the greatest in wildlife reserve with 3840km² in size and it is crossed by the Nile River that runs to the Bunyoro escarpment which continues to the north up to the Mediterranean Sea and the best activity to perform here includes

Game Drives

This is the best and a one activity that can be performed under the guidance of the park rangers and visitors will enjoy much of the park’s settings, among the best animals to see here includes the Buffaloes, lions, warthogs and elephants plus the Rothschild giraffes, many more animals can be seen here including the baboons which are the most stubborn wildlife among the monkey families, Uganda Kobs and many more. Game drives with the park takes around 2-3 hours and this can be supplemented by a

Boat cruising on the Nile, this ride up is enjoyed up to the falls hence providing an opportunity to the tourists to have a look at the hippos and crocodiles in their territories that will be bouncing from the bottom of the rivers as their ways of enjoyments, other animals descend on this river to take water and also to relive themselves from the high temperatures of the day.

Combining this trip to Queen Elizabeth National Park which is also located in the Albertine lift valley in the western part of Uganda would be a ideal adventure, this is the best national part for spotting the rare tree climbing lions along the Ishasha sector, this is where tree climbing lions that are seen hiding on fig tree branches, its believed that they do this mostly to hide from the scotching sunshine within the park and also being their one tactic to spot for flesh .

On top of the tree climbing lions one may add on a lunch trip to the Kazinga channel, this also last for 2hours and it gives many visitors an opportunity to see a number of bird life, topis, zebras, Uganda Kobs, water bucks, warthogs, spotted hyenas and the mongoose plus the swamp antelopes. This channel adjoins the two lakes of Edward and George.


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