A Honeymoon in Mauritius

A pearl set in a sea of sapphire is the vision one sees while contemplating the cosmopolitan island republic of Mauritius. Mauritius has been influenced by several distinct cultures since its initial discovery, which has resulted in fascinating and diverse populations who speak French, spend Rupees and drive on the left. The people of the island have open and welcoming arms for visitors to their tropical paradise, and are always willing to share a story, or give advice on the best places on the island to pursue your various interests.

Mauritius is a year round destination, mostly due to its lovely and moderate temperatures, which are almost guaranteed. The waters off the coast are clear and calm almost every day, creating ideal conditions for a variety of water sporting events. Also available for the enjoyment of visitors are game fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving over one of the world’s largest and most diverse coral reef ecosystems in the world. The island delight of Mauritius hangs suspended like the fabulous emerald amid the turquoise and sapphire of the Indian Ocean around its shores.

It is easy to see why so many couples would choose this place as the setting for one of the most important and memorable days of their lives. Mauritius is a popular wedding and honeymoon destination for couples from around the world. Virtually any request can be reasonable accommodated in order to make this special time seem almost magical. From its sun kissed white sand beaches to its lush tropical flora and crystalline ocean waters, no matter where you are on the island, it seems ready to light the romantic fire within your heart and let it burn long into the night.

Every hotel on the island of Mauritius offers extensive wedding and honeymoon packages catering to even the most lavish of ceremonies and honeymoon getaways. The resort staff can also help you in organizing your stay down to the minutest detail to ensure your experience is perfect. Everything is possible in this island oasis. You can choose to have an intimate, private ceremony or a more adventurous exchange of vows. Whether you choose a sunny beachside or a location under the sea or in the sky, Mauritius will transform your wedding or honeymoon into an unforgettable moment that will last in your memories forever.

Couples can enjoy their days lounging in the sun, holding hands as the waves lap gently at the sand of the beaches the circle the island. If you are of a mind to see a few sights, tours are available as part of a normal cab ride. Cabbies on Mauritius are more than happy to point out the best shopping locations and historical sites if you ask. Anyone can take full advantage of the natural and manmade wonders of this gorgeous island whether they are on a budget or have all the time and money in the world. Mauritius truly is the place for anyone and everyone to make their dreams come true.


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