Hiking Kilimanjaro – The Marangu Route for Groups

Mount Kilimanjaro is known to be the highest freestanding mountain in the world. Towering at 5, 985m the mountain draws in so many visitors and trekkers each and every year. From the mountain you can take in the most spectacular views of Kenya and Tanzania. A trek to the summit of this great mountain is something which is a once in a lifetime and incredible experience.

There are four routes which are popular on the mountain, the Marangu route, the Rongai route, the Machame route and the Lemosho route. The most popular and easily walked of these routes is the Marangu and there are various guided walking tours which take groups along this trek. The Adventure Company in the UK offers various tours and walks along the Marangu route. Their package is one which offers you accommodation in mountain huts rather than tented accommodation which is good after a very tiring day spent out hiking in sometimes challenging conditions.

As you walk the Marangu route, you will find yourself traversing various ecosystems. For example you will find yourself in lush forests at one point in the trek and these will in turn give way to very rocky scenery. This is an experience in itself! You can walk this trail along with guides in just 6 days. Walking whilst within a group is a greatly positive experience as you can form a support system and can benefit from your shared experiences. Just remember though that this trek is very hard on your body and your fitness levels need to be peak in order to walk this trail!


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