The Best Beaches: Dominican Republic – Vacation along the Atlantic Coast

While the Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispaniola with its eastern neighbor Haiti, the tow countries could not be any more different. As Haiti has seemingly moved from one crisis to another, the Dominican Republic has experienced relative stability both politically and economically. This, together with its location on the Caribbean and North Atlantic Oceans has served the country’s tourism industry well.

But there is one thing any person visiting the country is unlikely to miss – the more than 1200 kilometers of beach. Some of its best beaches along its Atlantic shoreline include:

  • Boca Chica Beach – For tourists travelling to Dominican Republic with the family, the Boca Chica is convenient for not just its calm waters but also because of the close proximity of important services such as restaurants and shops.  The tranquil waters have the reef to thank for keeping the restless Atlantic Ocean waters at bay. From the beach, you can walk 100 meters into the water but the water level will not go beyond your waist. Even that far out, the blue waters are still clear and with soft, white sands underfoot. Unfortunately, Boca Chica’s beauty and the beach’s proximity to the capital Santo Domingo (less than 15 minutes drive) makes it one of the most crowded in the country.
  • La Minitas – La Minitas may not be the largest beach in the Dominican Republic but the gentle waters and pristine sands make it worth a visit. What’s more, even though it attracts tourists in droves during the peak season, it is far less crowded than the busier beaches.


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