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Goa’s Best Beaches



Goa is India’s official holiday state that draws as many local as it does foreign tourists. One of the smallest states of India is responsible for the lion’s share of its tourism revenue. Despite the extensive hotel infrastructure along much of its shores, one can still find remote beach fronts far from the holiday crowds. But whether you are looking for a quiet vacation or a noisy one, Goa has a beach that is just right for you.

Candolim Beach 

If you are looking for a Goa beach vacation in quiet location undisturbed by concrete infrastructure, Candolim would fit the bill. But it is not just the calming serenity that keeps visitors returning to Candolim – its seafood is rated among the best in the state. The beach is dotted with mini sand dunes and simple shacks that create a relaxing ambience.

Palolem Beach 

Even less developed than Candolim, Palolem was at one time a haven of backpackers and hippies attracted by the simple lifestyle. The primary means of accommodation is simple beach huts. Note however that whereas in the past the huts were popular both for the close up views of the beach they provided and their low cost, increasing demand has seen the cost of staying in a hut nearly equal that of a decent hotel not too far away from the beach front.

Mobor Beach 

One of Goa’s beaches that are attracting growing attention, Mobor is a clean and picturesque beach. There are several isolated coves for visitors who want some peace and quiet. Whereas there are many activities one can engage in while on Mobor beach including water sports, it is gaining a reputation for the increasingly popular sand biking.


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