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Murano: A Place you Should Never Overlook this Year

Murano Italy

Not far from the lagoon of Venice, Murano is several small islands connected by bridges. Murano is well known for its graceful and beautiful glass products and that it attracts junkie travelers from around the globe.

Why Choose Murano for Your Next Junkie Trip?

With any excellent restaurants and a lot less tourists than in Venice, Murano makes and ideal trip destination and spot to go shopping and strolling during the day. Lovers of history, literature and romance should never forget about Verona in any case! The city is in every respect synonymous with romance: Roam the city which Shakespeare has immortalized in Romeo and Juliet and live like lovers do!

Get Lost and Explore the Enchanting Islands of Murano

Juliet’s balcony, the breathtaking medieval Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore, the impressive Piazza or the grandiose Roman ruins, including the world famous Arena of Verona and the theater, are just the biggest attractions.

For couples, a walk through the Giardio Giusti, one of the most beautiful Renaissance parks in Italy, and a visit to the opera is highly recommended. Dinner at Ristorante la Fontanina is exquisite and romantic that it has been awarded a Michelin star.

In Padua, you will find another setting of Shakespeare and the completion of Italian charm. Impressive sights – sculptures, churches, squares, historic buildings, parks – abound here, so you should at least plan a day of sightseeing.

The basilicas of Santa Giustina and Sant Antonio and the Scrovegni Chapel are particularly interesting. Also it is fantastic to wander through the botanical gardens or on the central square of Prato della Valle.

Visit the University of Padua, one of the oldest in the world: Here Galileo Galilei taught, get your caffeine fix and enjoy a delicious coffee in the 200 year old Pedrocchi Café.


Escape the crowds of Venice and visit the enchanting Chioggia neighborhood. Chioggia is a Venice in miniature, with beautiful canals, impressive architecture and a variety of Mediterranean delicacies. It is just a short boat ride from Venice across the lagoon and you can spend a relaxing day in the winding streets.

You can explore the Clock Tower Museum and the oldest clock tower in the world, or enjoy some of the best seafood on the Planet Earth in the restaurant El Gato, which features a Michelin star, as well.

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