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Antalya City Turkey

Antalya – The city on the Turkish Riviera

The Turkish city of Antalya is a million dollar paradise for junkie travelers and Euopean tourists; it is as popular as Mallorca. Each year,...
Seefeld Mountains

Seefeld:the Land of Mountains

The Austrian resort of Seefeld is a region of unspoilt beauty where clear mountain air and stunning scenery combine to produce landscapes of dramatic...
The Sacred Begijnhof

The Sacred Begijnhof, Amsterdam

Yes Amsterdam may be filled with endless intoxicated fun, but behind the smoke and lights of Red Light District, there are many interesting places...
Snowdonia National Park

5 Ways to Enjoy a Holiday in UK

The UK is a beautiful place with loads of stunning destinations to visit, but it’s often hard to decide which places to choose. Below...
Galway City

Spend the Day in Galway City

I have heard Galway is a beautiful and lively city from my friends who have visited, and it sounds like a great idea to...
Basilicata Region, Italy

Basilicata: Italy’s Hidden Treasures

With its many romantic castles, sandy coves, dense forests and quaint little rock-hewn churches, Basilicata in the south of Italy is a region that...
Christmas in Italy

Where to Spend Christmas: Italy’s Winter Wonderlands

Italy is a prime place to visit in the winter if you are looking for a little snow. From low transportation and lodging costs...
Biel City

Biel, the City of Watches and 70 Languages

Not everything is a beach or crowded tourist places, so we want to approach Biel, the city of watches and 70 languages. With a huge...
The Louvre

Visiting the Louvre? 10 Pieces You Really Can’t Afford to Miss

Located on the Right Bank of the Seine in Paris, the Louvre is one of the World’s most famous and iconic buildings. It is...
Portugal Beaches

Fun in the Sun: Portugal’s Top Beaches

When it comes to European beach destinations, one might not immediately think of Portugal. But actually, Portuguese beaches rank right up there on lists...

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