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Wildlife Unleashed in Botswana

Botswana Wildlife

However gracious and warm the people here in Botswana are, there are just few British who come here to visit the country. If you travel to Botswana to catch a glimpse of the wildlife, what you get to see is real raw wildlife. This place has more elephants in one square mile than any other African country. The lions are bigger and stronger, and they are more virile and agile than any other continent.  These have large populations of all types of ungulate species. You will be able to see the tiny duiker and the roan which is quite rare. You may even get to see the sable antelope.

And after about ten years this place has developed into some of f Africa’s best safari camp sites. The wildlife here is just amazing and it is better than wildlife areas in neighboring South African countries.

In Botswana there is a real sense of raw, if you remote bushveld, no matter how comfortable the camps are. Although the only problem with the Kruger park here in South Africa is the effort to create a wildlife experience when you know that there are ten safari vehicles that are loaded with tourists within a two mile radius.

You could stay at three of the wilderness safaris and you could probably visit three more. There are outstanding camps in Botswana which are notable run by game trackers and Abercrombie and Kent. This just goes to show that the safaris have developed the sate of the art bush camp.

There are these Duba plains on the Okavango Delta which is the most remote camp and is situated on an island which is surrounded by flooded plains. Built in the year nineteen hundred and ninety-six, although this place was completely refurbished about two years ago. It has about six luxury tents which are all filled with running water and lavatories that flush. The food here is outstanding, and it would probably be the best tasting food you could have on your entire trip.

If you are lucky, you may get to see four of the resident lion’s encounter a big heard of buffaloes.

The Tubu tree is locate in the Jao reserve which is on the Okavango Delta’s border. The other side of the border is shared with the Moremi game reserve which has five tents and is raised on wooden platform that over look the flood plains. This place is described as a vintage camp. This means that in spite of all the luxuries, they have designed this place so well that it has been suited to people who prefer a more natural experience.

The guide is a passionate fellow and quite a knowledgeable person who is called Grant Atkinson. He usually rides through the waterways of the Jao reserve in a flat bottomed boat that was the main highlight of the trip.

Jao Camp along with Mombo which is off the north western tip of Chiefs Island is the best known Botswana luxury camp. In fact Neil young and Paul Newman were there just recently, so you could get an idea of how this place may suit the tastes of big Hollywood stars. I fact this place resembles a film set. The facilities are quite amazing. There is a sixteen bed camp right in the middle of the whole camp. Even if you are a big celebrity you could still enjoy your privacy and not be bothered by anyone. The cuisine is on par with a five star hotel.

The King’s pool is located on the western boundary of the Chobe national park which is on the bank o the Linyanti River. This place separates Botswana from Namibia. In fact the whole thing looks quite spectacular.

This could most probably turn out to be your favorite camp in all of Botswana. This place in fact ranks alongside cotta’s camp which has opened in nineteen twenty in Kenya’s Masai Mara which is the best in Africa. This place is equipped with double tents. And each of these have a huge plunge pool along with an outdoor shower.  The games at King’s pool are second to almost none. You could see the largest predators on earth and the largest elephant herds you have ever seen. Kings pool also has a marvelous hide from where you could watch elephants from an arms length.

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