About Us

OutPost Travel Guide: 100% digital, 100% Ā«TourismĀ», 100% personally experienced

Since 2008 Outpost Travel Guide tells stories the editors experienced during their voyages exclusively online. They are published on this channel and in social communities which are concentrating on touristic issues.

As a small setup only we presently focus on destinations like France, Luxembourg, and a bit of Germany and Austria. And that is quite some area waiting to be experienced and about which we love to share our stories.

No matter if international hotel chains, some cosy boutique hotels or camp grounds: here you’re gonna find our stories and impressions gathered at the respective places. Authentic and subjective, just like we have met them.

And we tell you about restaurants we visited. Of course our stories will be updated if and when we returned.

t’s always a thrilling thing to arrive at an unknown destination. After being fooled a couple of times we don’t trust the web stars anymore or review sites or the old fashioned printed restaurant guide. That’s why we only recommend here places we have personally visited and which we like boiling down your risk to the overlookable extent that your taste doesn’t match ours…